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Tirupati Balaji

Tirumala Venkateswara temple is a well known temple of Hindus, located in Tirumala in the hill town, near the town of Tirupati which belongs to the Chittoor district of the state Andhra Pradesh.....

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Tips For Devotees


Do's and Don'ts At Balaji Temple


  • The travel and place for staying should be booked in advance through TTD.
  • Ishta Daivam or Kula Daivam should be prayed before starting the journey to Tirumala.
  • Before worshiping Lord Sri Venkateswara, one should worship Sri Varahaswami after bathing in the pushkarini.
  • Before entering into the temples, one should bathe and clean clothes should be worn.
  • Chanting of Om Sri Venkatesaya Namah should be done or maintained silence inside the temple
  • Devotees should bath in Papavinasanam and in the Akasa Ganga teertham when in Tirumala.
  • Ancient customs should be respected while at Tirumala.
  • Religious sentiments and customs should be discussed with co-pilgrims.
  • Offerings should only be deposited at the hundi as per the tips for devotees in balaji temple.
  • Regarding information on temple and worshipping, information should be sought from officials of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams or the enquiry offices.
  • Keeping the shrine at one’s right side, the pradakshinam should be done with devotion prior to entering into the temple.
  • A tilak should be worn as per one’s religious beliefs
  • Temple procedures should be followed and one should do darshan only when the turn comes.


  • One should not come to Tirumala except for the purpose of lord worship as per the do’s and don’ts at balaji temple
  • Carrying cash or too much of ornaments is not proper
  • Consumptions of liquor, non vegetarian food and other intoxicants should not be consumed.
  • Strangers shouldn’t be approached for accommodations
  • One should not wear chappals or shoes or move in vehicles inside or near the temple premises.
  • For darshan, one should move in queue and not rush
  • If quick darshan is required, going to the touts is not right.
  • Do not do satsanga danda pranamam or become prostrate inside the temple as per the tips for devotees at balaji temple
  • Prasadam not original should not be bought from the street vendors.
  • Throwing away the teertham or prasadam given from the temple is not to be done.
  • One who is prohibited by customs to enter into the temple, should not try to do so.
  • Flowers and garlands cannot be worn inside the temple because flowers are only meant for the lord
  • Encouraging beggars is not allowed as per the do’s and don’ts at balaji temple.
  • It is not right to spit or be any kind of nuisance inside the temple
  • Entering the temple or shrine naked or with a loin cloth is not allowed
  • Headgears or helmets, caps and hats and even turbans are not allowed inside the temple
  • Carrying weapons inside the temple is not allowed
  • Food cannot be brought from outside or don’t chew betel leaves
  • People having physical or mental distress should not enter the temple
  • Do not spit inside the temple premises
  • Sleeping inside the premises of the temple is not allowed
  • Violence or harsh act inside the temple is wrong
  • Quarrelling is not allowed and will be dealt sternly which should be taken as tips for devotees in balaji temple.
  • One cannot talk about one’s wealth status or power or position
  • Sitting with the back towards the diety is wrong
  • Do not pray with only one hand
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